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Monday, February 7, 2011

Promoting an Investment and How to Do Fluff Pieces

One of the complaints I hear from Breeders is why doesn't the industry tell people that owning a standardbred is a much better investment than a thoroughbred?  Well, this weekend on the USTA website, Bill Finley had an article which makes that very argument.  The only problem is this article is preaching to the choir.  What needs to happen is we need to get this message out in the mainstream.  Perhaps an article like this would be more fitting to be in an advertorial (paid placement of an article) appearing in USA Today or the Wall Street Journal.  Too expensive?  Then, perhaps an insert can be included in these publications in states surrounding racino tracks.  If that is too expensive, then I suggest the USTA needs to be better funded to undertake such efforts.

Horse racing is a gambling sport; no doubt about it; so it makes sense that gamblers are interested in hearing opinions regarding who was going to win the Super Bowl; I just don't know if they are interested in hearing from harness drivers their opinions on who is going to win.  After all, if you were looking for an opinion on who is going to win the Hambletonian, would you be asking a football player their opinion?  Yet this past week, the Meadowlands had a video of horsemen offering their opinions on the Super Bowl.    I understand at times everyone puts out fluff piieces, but they should be somewhat educational or at least promoting the sport.

With all the snow and cold weather we have been having on the East Coast, Heather Moffett in a recent Post Time show, interviewed drivers to see what they do to stay warm in this weather.

Yes, a little bit of fluff, but entertaining and educational.  More importantly, it is related to harness racing.  If you are going to do a fluff piece, this is the way to do it.

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