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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Reactor Debuts

Well, after all the hype and anticipation, it is showtime.  Auckland Reactor N makes his North American pari-mutuel debut Saturday evening at the Meadowlands in the 10th race Invitational, drawing post position three.

Here is the field for the big race plus the early driver assignments (note Corky Baran and Vintage Master both have Daniel Dube listed).

10th Race - Pace - $32,000 Invitational
1  Corky Baran (Dube)
2  Pilgrims Toner (Gingras)
3  Auckland Reactor (Sears)
4  Blatantly Good (Silverman)
5  Real Joke (Brennan)
6  Share The Delight (Gingras)
7  Vintage Master (Dube)

This is a good week for Auckland Reactor to make his debut.  With the eliminations for the Molson Pace on Friday evening, some of top North American FFA pacers such as Annieswesterncard and Southwind Lynx will be racing at Western Fair instead of competing at the Meadowlands so the race will be an easier spot for a debut.  Even with the shorter field, this race does not appear to be cake walk  It promises to be an exciting night in East Rutherford.     

Speaking of the Molson Pace, here are the fields for the three eliminations which will determine the field for the $225,000(added) final next week:

8th Race - $20,000; 1st Elimination - Molson Pace FFA
1  Legal Litigator(Macdonald) 2-1
2  Stonebridge Terror(D.Miller)  10-1
3  Primary Purpose(Forward)  7-1
4  Southwind Lynx(Callahan)  9-2
5  Anderlecth (S.Zeron)  6-1
6  Keep It Real(Mcnair)  7-5
7  Bay Of Sharks(Jamieson)  20-1

9th Race - $20,000; 2nd Elimination - Molson Pace FFA
1  Blueridge Western(Jamieson)  6-1
2  Lucky Man(Macdonald)  12-1
3  Panmunjom(Forward)  10-1
4  Won The West(D.Miller)  8-5
5  Carnivore(Ouellette)  12-1
6  Bigtime Ball(Mayotte)  7-5
7  Mr Wiggles(Callahan)  8-1
8  Annieswesterncard(B.Miller)  5-1

10th Race - $20,000; 3rd Elimination - Molson Pace FFA
1  Chasin Racin(Callahan)  7-1
2  Foiled Again(D.Miller)  3-5
3  Wholly Louy(Macdonald)  4-1
4  Hypnotic Blue Chip(Jamieson)  10-1 
5  Go Go Solano(B.Miller)  9-2 
6  Pangiorno(Mcnair)  15-1
7  River Shark(Ouellette)  10-1 

Later in the week we will discuss these eliminations further.

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