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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elitloppet Divisions and Post Positions Drawn

Post positions have been drawn for the two elimination divisions of the Elitloppet to be conducted next Sunday afternoon (morning in North America) at Solvalla Racetrack in Sweden.  Lucky Jim drew post position seven in the first division (defending champion Triton Sund drew post eight) while for the first time since arriving in Europe, Enough Talk draws well with the second post in the second division.

Elitloppet - 1st Elimination - Post Time 8:35am EDT
1  Nu Pagadi (Ger) - E Adielsson
2  Copper Beech (Ger) - C Lugauer
3  Quarcio de Chene (Swe) - B Goop
4  Lavec Kronos (Swe) - L Kolgjini
5  Illaria Jet (Ita) - J Bazire
6  Nimrod Borealis (Fra) - M Abrivard
7  Lucky Jim (USA) - A Miller
8  Triton Sund  (Swe) - O Kihlström

Elitloppet - 2nd Elimination - Post Time 9:05am EDT
1  Torvald Palema (Swe) - Å Svanstedt
2  Enough Talk (USA) - L Ouellette
3  Oyonnax (Fra) - S Ernault
4  Beanie M.M. (Swe) - T Jansson
5  Define the World (Can) - P McDonnell
6  Lisa America (Ita) - J Kontio
7  Brioni (Ger) - J Lovgren
8  Iceland (Swe) - O Kihlstrom 

 The final of the Elitloppet will be race 10 and is scheduled for 11:05am EDT.  A special V75 comprising of races 5-9 and 11-12 will be offered. 

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