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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving too Fast with Tweeting?

When Mark McDonald started using Twitter in Ontario to describe how he planned to drive, many people thought it was innovative and a way to use social networking to reach out to horseplayers.  Grand River Raceway thought it was such a good idea that they found a way to put his tweets on their in-house racing broadcast.  Of course, this may be a moot point in New York where the NYSRWB is proposing a rule to ban the use of cell phones in the paddock and receiving barns with the exception of designated areas. 

The reason for restricting the use of cell phones may not be directly related to drivers sending tweets but clearly there are issues which need to be addressed.  Should a driver be required to tweet before each race or no races?  What happens if a driver says he is going to be aggressive and then the way the race unfolds requires the driver to drive in a different manner?  Does sending text messages give other drivers in a race help in anticipating what another driver will do?  Do tweets sent to people following a driver become inside information when there are those who don't have access to such information?

I am not saying racing should not take advantage of technological advances, but a little forethought before implementing such advances may be advisable instead of just winging it.
Trying to pick the winner of the Elitloppet is challenging for an individual who does not watch European racing that much so I won't be formally making selections for Sunday's races.  That being said, in the first elimination, Quarcio Du Chene seems to be an interesting selection.  In the second elimination, Define The World could be interesting considering his solid effort in his first European start.  That being said, it may be a moot point for some gamblers.  The Meadowlands has announced they will be offering patrons the ability to watch and wager on the Elitloppet at the Meadowlands.  As for their ADW patrons, the are out of luck.  NJAW customers will be able to wager on the Elitloppet but they will not be offering video-streaming through NJAW.  What the logic is to offer wagering but no video escapes me.

Andrew Cohen opines about the on-going David Brooks trial.  We should be thankful the national media has not been attracted to this trial. 

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