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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Novel Way to Get the Younger Crowd

In Pennsylvania, there is a cross-breed effort to present the racetrack as a fun place to go for younger adults; all part of their TrackPack initiative which includes a website and social networking.  TrackPackPA recently released a commercial which is certain to get people's attention.  Purists may hate it, buy it is innovative.  After all, our traditional commericals are not doing the trick.

Personally, I love this commercial. No, it doesn't directly mention racing, but sometimes when you advertise you don't necessarily advertise your product; you need to get them to talk about your commerical in order to build brand awareness.  The intention of this commercial is to draw traffic to TrackPackPA's website where visitors will be encouraged to sign up to learn what is going on at their local racetrack.  The key is to make going to the races a hip thing to do. 

Time will tell if this commercial pays off.  Hopefully, it does.   


Anonymous said...

I am all for pushing PA racing, heck racing in general!

But this is not funny. It is an actual promotion! Look in the background. It is Harrah's Chester infield tote board. This is what happens when a gaming company takes over racing! They don’t have a clue!

A Harrah's senior manager told me recently..."why are we even bothering with racing. With racing we have to work twice as hard and in the end we hold 3-4 % after paying the horsemen, the breeders, the unions and everyone else. With slots we hold over 90 % and don’t even have to market seriously to fill the place."

That thought process creates a mentality!

I know it was meant to be humorous but we on the inside are looking at it a bit differently!”

Anonymous said...

It's not an actual promotion. It's just a funny spot. And Harrah's had nothing to do with it other than lend the ad folks the infield.