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Monday, May 3, 2010

On the Move Again in California?

Will harness racing interests in California be looking for a new home?.  The city of Sacremento has entered into a 120 day period where they will negotiate with a developer who is proposing a three way land swap in order to build a new arena for the Sacramento Kings.  Under this proposal, which would require the state to buy in to the plan, the state fairgrounds in Sacramento would be swapped for another piece of land.  The fair grounds would be used as a housing development to finance building a new arena; the current home of the Sacramento Kings would be converted into the new state fairgrounds, one that will not contain horse racing; the third parcel would be used to build a new arena for the Kings.  The lack of horse racing could be a deal breaker for the state.  The developer would either have to provide a separate location for a new race track or come up with a way to replace the $2 million in revenue the fair makes annually from horse racing.  Whether this plan comes to fruition or not, it is likely a matter of time until horsemen in the Golden State will be on the move again.    

In Sunday's Finlandia Ajo, Enough Talk finished fifth after a tough trip out of the eight hole.  While it would have been preferable to win, this was a good effort to get him primed for the Elitloppt at the end of May.  For the record, the race winner was Quarcio du Chene driven by Bjorn Goop in a mile rate of 1:53.3. 

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