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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Past Can Haunt You

News Item: The New York Court of Appeals (the highest court) has refused to hear a case from trainer Tim Case where he claimed the NYSRWB's drug tests were unreliable and the policy of considering past violations when determining suspensions was unfair.

Back in 2006 when the NYSRWB ruled on a case where one of Case's horses had a high TCO2 level, indicating the horse was milkshaked. Since Case had multiple medication violations in New York dating back to 2000, they decided he could not be licensed for a period of five years. This ruling was appealed to the courts. Since the original suspension was appealed, Case was charged with two additional TCO2 violations which led the NYSRWB to determine Case no longer merited licensing.

With the Court of Appeals refusing to hear the appeal, the NYSRWB will be revoking Tim Case's license. For the complete story, click here.

At least in New York, your past can haunt you.

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Degenerate Blogger said...

Kudos to the courts for finally getting this resolved. Now if we can only speed up the process, our sport will be much better served. I've heard of due process but this is ridiculous how long it has taken. I the mean time, he was still able to do what he loves to do, train horses. I just wonder who his shadow trainer will be in the future?