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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hopefully this will be last blog entry I will write (at least for a while) regarding the fallout from the disqualification of Angostura in the Peaceful Way elimination at Mohawk Monday night due for violating the new Ontario urging rule. As a result of this disqualification, Angostrura will not be able to compete in the $500,000(C) Peaceful Way final.

Many people asked why should the owner be penalized for the driver's violation of the rule; one person even expressed the fear it will drive owners from the sport.

You would think this rule was imposed upon the serfs by the lord of the land. This rule formulated by the ORC with the assistance of horsemen and others. Horsemen who realize you need to evolve in order to survive. Refuse to evolve and die.

While it is possible the owners of Angostura may leave the sport over the outcome of this ruling, to assume there will be an exodus of owners leaving racing as a result of this rule is a bit of 'the sky is falling' by the prophets of doom. After all, if seeing prominent trainers frequently getting cited for medication violations isn't running owners away, I don't think this rule is going to do it.

The interesting thing about this tempest is everyone is quick to criticize the ORC. Who violated the rule?

Dean over at Pull the Pocket writes an excellent entry regarding the fallout from Monday night and puts it all in perspective. Hopefully, this will be the final word.

At least we can hope.

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