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Saturday, September 5, 2009

History Rained Out?

Due to morning rains, the first race for DuQuoin has been delayed as they need to get the track back to into racing shape. The first race, originally scheduled for noon is now scheduled for 6:00pm CDT. This is one of the perils of fair racing. It makes you appreciate the all-weather track, something DuQuoin lacks, even more.

As a result of the late start, the drivers scheduled to race at Mohawk have had to cancel off their drives for this now evening program so they can return to Mohawk so expect a lot of driving changes. With the driver change, the hope for a sub 1:50 mile today by Muscle Hill has been put on hold until Lexington. With Brian Sears heading to Canada, Luke McCarthy will drive today. While this may cost Muscle Hill his chance for a sub 1:50 mile, I don't believe the driver change jeopardizes Muscle Hill's win streak; the key to this race is to avoid any racing trouble. As a result, I expect Muscle Hill to leave and go wire to wire.

My selections for the World Trotting Derby are: 6 - Muscle Hill, 9 - Airzoom Lindy; 4 - Photoforwin.

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