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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are You Playing the Meadowlands?

If not, the question has to be why?  Right now, the Meadowlands is the best value for the recreational and serious gambler.  Find me one other track where you can get so many solid win or longshot payoffs for horses winning.  Clearly, the value is there.

Sure, there are some favorites that win and even a few odds-on horses crossing the wire first but for the most part, while the handicapping has become a little more difficult, the rewards for selecting a winner are greater than ever.  Even if you are someone who bets every race (likely a recreational gambler), it has come to the point where winning one race all night may be all you need to come out ahead or at least make it an inexpensive evening. 

Of course, the way you have been handicapping may need to change.  I myself am still tweaking my handicapping, but I know when it comes to my favorite wager, the Daily Double, if I pick two horses looking like favorites, to win both halves of the Double, the selection is an automatic toss.  Quite honestly, the chance of two favorites winning in a row has become so small, it is not worth the risk of backing the favorites in the Double.  Even just following class hikes in the classified races can be profitable.  Last week Camart Hanover won a C-2 dash over 1 1/16 miles and drew the rail this week in C-1 company at a mile distance.  Granted, it is difficult figuring a horse that is coming off an odd distance race back to a mile when there is no standard reporting such as the time at the mile or a mile rate for the race overall, but letting him go at 27-1?  Backing Camart Hanover just because the odds were too high for a horse that won last week would have brought home a $56.60 mutuel.

Time will tell if this lasts, but right now you can't dispute the fact Racing Secretary Peter Koch has done a very good job putting together competitive fields.  Come March when other area tracks start opening up we will have to see what happens but right now, being away from the endless parade of favorites or near favorites winning is a welcome site.

Keep you parade of favorites you get at other tracks, the Meadowlands is the track for me.

For something different, I found the following race from Argentina.  If you understand Spanish, you will appreciate the race more.  Granted, the red truck following the field was somewhat distracting, but if you look at the racetrack, it is nice and simple, nary a tote board in the infield.  What's nice is the country feel, a place you can  go to relax and wager; hopefully going home with more than you came with.  In some ways, it is a shame American tracks don't have this relaxed an atmosphere.  I would love to see someone try to have a racetrack like this in the States and see how it works out.