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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Richard Scott - RIP

It is with great sadness I report on the passing of Richard Scott, a friend to VFTRG and HANA Harness.  Richard finally succumbed to his illness this morning.

Who is Richard you may be asking?  I point you to this blog entry from 2013 to learn a bit about him.

I could go on about Richard but rather than doing so, let it be said he was a class 'A' guy.  When we started the HANA Harness handicapping contests which benefit standardbred rescues, Richard was a contestant.  As time progressed, he found he needed to stop competing but he kept helping HANA with the contest, becoming an auditor of the results to ensure the validity of the results.  He was all set to resume competing when the bad news came that his cancer returned.  No complaining, or woe to me from Richard.  From him, it was like in the "Dragnet" series; "Just the facts Mam"  

RIP Richard.   He's probably touring the stables in Heaven as we speak.  

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