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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Redefining Sate Bred and Judicial Action We Approve Off

In New Jersey, in an attempt to improve the state's breeding program, a bill approved by the Assembly has been moved to the Senate for consideration which will ease the requirements for a standardbred foal be considered NJ Bred.  Under the proposed legislation, as long as the mare was in the state 150 days inclusive of the date of birth the foal will be considered NJ Bred.  Currently, to be considered NJ Bred, a mare must be residing in state from date of conception thru the date of birth. 

By easing the requirements, it is thought more out of state mares will take advantage of the new NJ Bred racing program, thus increasing business at horse farms as well as other equine-related services.

You got to love the prosecutor who has jurisdiction of Penn National as another indictment has been handed down with a trainer being charged with wire fraud for medicating horses in eleven races.  I realize US Attorneys are busy with other cases but one has to wonder why other US Attorneys seem ignore potential problems at racetracks in their regions.

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