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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hump Day Briefs

Kiss HRTV good bye as news comes out that Betfair is purchasing HRTV  and planning to merge it with Betfair's TVG. The expectation is at least initially HRTV will be operated as TVG2.  HRTV has agreements with certain harness tracks that TVG doesn't have; will those signals be dropped or will TVG offer wagering on those tracks?

Former harness racing driver and official, Bill Faucher has gotten approval to open his OTB facility in Hinsdale, N.H., home of the the former Hindsale Raceway (last operated as a Greyhound Track).  The opening is scheduled for February 25 and is the first step in his quest to open a new race track in Hinsdale (the old track has been leveled and is cited for redevelopment).

After an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Coroporation) investigation, Greyhound racing in Australia is on its heels as seventy trainers in three states were named as using baiting in the training of Greyhounds (if you don't know what baiting is, you are better off).  While the industry is treating these trainers severely, it is going to be a black mark on greyhound racing in Australia and even on American shores where the industry has been under siege not only from declining interest but those who seek to shut the industry down.  Some in the standardbred industry is immune from the outrage the greyhound industry is receiving, but they should realize the issue of unwanted retired race horses is one which bite the industry in the backside unless it seriously addresses the issue.

This has nothing to do with horse racing, but if you are a fan of Parks and Recreation, you know the show is coming to an end.  You also remember Li'l Sebastian the beloved horse of Pawnee which died at the end of Season 3.  Well, the good news is Li'l Sebastian lives on a farm in California and Esquire ran a story on the life of the horse actor who played Li'l Sebastian.  Life is good for the miniature horse these days.

Enjoy your hump day.

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