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Monday, February 9, 2015

Double Duty

Yesterday was another bad day for Maven at the races as she ran into traffic problems and finished fifth in the Group 1 Grand Prix de France at Vincennes-Paris as Timoko won the prestigious 2,100 meter (1.3 miles) race in a mile rate of 1:54.4.  At least in this start, Maven earned a purse check, good for €20,000 (approximately $22,617.90).  For the record, Timoko earned €180,000 for his day's work.

Impressed by Timoko's victory?  Well there's breedings available to Timoko as he is doing double duty this year in France.  All it takes is shipping the semen to the States and you are set to go.  The whole point is people are looking at horses like Father Patrick and EL Titan and seeing how they are doing double duty and they wonder how it can be done.  Well, Timoko shows it can be done and done well so the sooner American breeders accept and adapt the practice, the better off the sport will be.

The Pony Express is alive and well, in Northfield, Ohio as the horse Quick Groom apparently had an important letter to deliver so he escaped Northfield Park and headed the wrong way up Route 8 and was captured near the Northfield Post Office.

Quick Groom is in to race tonight at Northfield Park.  If this racing thing doesn't work out for Quick Groom, he can be a spokeshorse for the USPS.

Congratulations to Cal Expo for handling $1.2 million on Saturday night.  Let's not kid ourselves, with the exception of a few tracks, handling $1 million or more is a big deal.  For some tracks, $500K is a day to celebrate.  Sunday night dropped off to a more than respectable $967K. with two less races.

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