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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dexter Dunn Opens Up His Lead

Today's stop of the WDC found the drivers at Bathurst Harness Racing Club for four heats of the competition and it was not a great day for the North Americans as they were shut out from the winners circle though both Jamieson and Tetrick each took a second placing.  Interesting fact for those who despise the second tier, two of the four heats were won by horses in the second tier.

Thank in part to his one victory, Dexter Dunn from New Zealand has padded his overall lead to 39 points over second place Tim Tetrck as they move on with five more heats to be contested.  If Dexter Dunn keeps driving as he has been, it is possible the overall champion may be known before the final dash in Menangle Saturday night.  Tomorrow, the contest moves on to Penrith for three heats.

In Heat 13, Four Enuf Tas, driven by France's Tony Le Buller, was the winner in the 1,730 meter event, winning in 2:05.3 (1:56.6 MR), taking advantage of the passing lane (the only track in NSW) to score a 5.2 meter victory.  Jody Jaimeson finished second with Party Starter and New Zealand's Dexter Dunn took the show spot with Cruisonthe Big Ern NZ.  Tim Tetrick was aggressive with his drive but it cost him and after taking the lead, backed up to last.

In Heat 14, Denmark takes the gold as Knud Monster drove Mister Jogalong to a 12.7 meter victory, navigating the 1,375 meter tilt in 2:07.2 (1:58.3)..  Content to sit on the outside, Mister Jogalong was second over going into the backstretch the final time before making a three wide move heading into the final turn to pull away from the field in the stretch.  Finishing second was New Zealand's Dexter Dunn who padded his lead in the over all championship.

Heat 15 was won by Kiwi Dexter Dunn, who navigated Kenny Dee Dee around the oval in this 2,260 meter distance race.  Kenny Dee Dee stopped the teletimer in 2:48.6 (2:00.0) defeating Iron Outlaw, reined by Tim Tetrick by just over 7 meters.  In the bell lap, Tetrick was first over and engaged the leader while Dunn was third over before coming out on just as the field entered the final turn, catching Iron Outlaw in the stretch.

In the final heat of the evening, it was bombs away as 96.30-1 (starting odds) Pride of Flight, driven by France's Pierre Vercruysse crossed the line first in the 2,2600 meter tilt timed in 2:47.9 (1:59.6) defeating Lettusmacru (Dunn) by a nose.  It should be noted Vercruysse was reprimanded by the judges for unacceptable use of the whip.   The pace was fast in this race allowing the horses to come from behind to take the top spots.

The current overall standings are:

Point Score After 12 Heats
Dexter Dunn
Tim Tetrick
Tony Le Beller
Mika Forss
Chris Alford
Jody Jamieson
Knud Monster
Pierre Vercryusse
Guillermo Adrover
Vidar Hop

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