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Monday, April 15, 2013

George Morton Levy Memorial Update

Continuing where he left off, VFTRG contributor Joe F. takes a look at the Levy series thus far.

Ron Burke is apparently trying to sell Something For Doc or Annies so he can have Foiled eligible to the Levy final: right now those three are the top point getters in the series. Only two from a barn are allowed in the final and the same holds true for the consolation pace. He stated that all three will start next week. Foiled is only 18 points back of Annies and 25 behind Something For Doc. If Annies sits next week that will solve the problem. The 25 appearance points alone would be sufficient to move Foiled past him in the standings. If Doc sits, Foiled’s appearance points would put him in a tie with that one, and even the five points awarded for a fifth place finish would catapult Foiled into the final. The odd man out would fall into the role of favorite in the $75,000 consolation pace.
Unlike the Matchmaker, where 15 of the 18 divisions have featured a Burke entry, only three of the 20 splits of the Levy have had one, and two of those came on Saturday night.

Nick Surick’s Versado was positioned for a spot in the final, with a win, a second and a fourth place finish in the first three legs, but he scratched out of this week’s third division. He’ll need a good performance next week as well as some help to get there now, but he’s still in the mix for a spot in the consolation pace.
Razzle Dazzle, who was run into the ground battling Foiled on the front end in the second leg, redeemed himself with a late charge in round four. As of right now he qualifies for the final, but only by a handful of points. He’s tied with Nob Hill High for that last spot. Second Wind, Classic Rock N Roll, Versado, EZ Noah and Lettucerocku are all in position to move up from the consolation to the final with solid performances next week and help from those above them. Meanwhile Burke’s Clear Vision is a solid bet to be paired in the consolation with whichever Burke horse is deemed to be the odd man out in the qualifying group for the final.

Rockincam has been a big disappointment in the series. He missed the first leg, and the accompanying show up points, dead-heated for first with Classic Rock N Roll in the second and finished third in the third leg. This week he challenged Something For Doc up the back and wound up finishing sixth. He’s got some work to do to make the consolation.
Tony O’Sullivan is in good shape with Casimir Jitterbug well placed to make the final and Classic Rock N Roll slotted for the consolation. Again, because of the show up points what happens next week is key. With few exceptions, any horse that sits out has a problem.

Annies Westerncard, Burke’s seven-year-old Western Hanover gelding, who won only one race last year, may be the sharpest horse in the series. His wire-to-wire :51.4 win in last night’s second division was nasty. Last year’s winner Atochia, on the other hand, made a big sweep around the last turn, only to run dry at the end.

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