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Monday, April 22, 2013

Bypassing the Racino Step?

A new danger is lurking in the waters of horse racing.  Under a bill proposed in Illinois, SB1739 will authorize racetracks and ADWs to operate Internet gaming without sharing any of the profits with horsemen.  This bill as you can imagine has the support of Arlington Park and its parent company CDI which is trying to become another gaming concern. 

Why operate a brick and mortar racino when  you can just operate a server so it can host casino games?  The bill would require them to be involved with racing to operate Internet gaming, but other than holding a license to conduct racing there would be no need to share the wealth; clearly the horse racing license requirement is to keep the riverboats and regular casinos out of the Internet market in Illinois, for once doing to the casino companies what they have done to racing associations.

No idea if the bill will move forward in the current form or at all, but here we have the potential for the latest threat to racing, leap frogging the racino model and allowing the racing operators to fill their coffers while poaching the racing market; dropping the whole pretense of helping racing.

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