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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Study in Contrast

As you may be aware, the Godolphin Stable got snagged in an anabolic steroid scandal as a result of the trainer.  This is what transpired this week.

  • The trainer acknowledged he made a catastrophic mistake thinking as long as a horse wasn't racing it could be given these steroids.  No denial.
  • The owner, shocked and embarrassed ordered all his horses tested for illegal drugs
  • A total of 15 horses tested positive for steroids.
  • Trainer is given an eight year ban for this.
  • Trainer accepts the penalty.
  • The horses are banned from racing until October 9.
  • The owner accepts this.

If this was in North America, this is what would have happened:
  • Trainer denies giving horse steroid.
  • The owner says nothing.
  • Trainer is suspended.  Trainer appeals, working its way from the racing commission to the highest possible court possible for this case, taking at least two years to resolve.
  • Horses are banned from racing in Canada (assuming the infraction was detected in Canada).
  • Horses are shipped to the United States to get around ban.
  • Horse banned from racing in the state.
  • Owner goes to court to overturn suspension of horse, possibly claims Canadian rules don't apply.
  • Horse races under temporary injunction.
  • Final disposition on horse ban occurs..

Oh, what a contrast it is.  Granted, I am sure Sheikh Mohammed doesn't need the money, but his good name is being sullied and it matters to him.  I'm not sure all owners in North America care about their name being sullied by associating with a trainer who gets nailed.

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