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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Controversy at the Miracle Mile - Much Ado About Nothing

According to Harnesslink, controversy of sorts has arisen out of a decision to scratch Gaius Caesar from the Miracle Mile for violation Harness Racing New South Wales' (HRNSW) rules regarding the administration of a medication after 8:00am on race day.

Needless to say, the trainer, Darren Binsk, is hoping mad and is looking forward to the hearing next week over the alleged  violation of the rule.  Binsk admits ignorance of the rule which indicates know medication is to be given after 8:00am on race day, but feels for a big event like the Miracle Mile, HRNSW officials should make sure all parties are aware of the rules to avoid such problems.  But Binsk's biggest problem is the fact they are calling Stoma-Coat a medication.  After all, Stoma-Coat "Provides Natural Sources Of Calcium, Magnesium And Zinc In A Pleasantly Flavoured Liquid".   What can be wrong about this?

It is my opinion that Mr. Binsk is the one who has made the scratching of Gaius Caesar a controversy.  While it would have been nice if the stewards of HRNSW would have made sure all the competitors were aware of the rules, it is the competitor's responsibility to know the withdrawal rules.  Secondly, while Binsk claims it is not a medication but merely a mineral supplement, in reality it could be considered both.  While the ingredients seem innocuous enough, clearly lists it is for veterinary use only.  You see, Stoma-Guard is an antacid so while it may consist solely of minerals, the fact it is intended to be administered under the direction of a veterinarian belies Binsk's claims.

At this point, it appears the judges acted properly and the whole issue is much ado about nothing.  I understand the disappointment Mr. Binsk has, but he could take a lesson from the Godolphin scandal in England.  He should admit making a mistake or if he thinks he is in the right, remain quiet in public and make your case in the hearing.

For those legal beagles, here is a link to a story regarding the State of New Jersey's appeal of a decision to keep sports wagering from occurring. 

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