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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Readers' Questions

Question:  One reader of this blog wants to know which North American ADWs offer wagering on Sweden's V75 wager?  The reader wishes to know ahead of time instead of opening multiple ADW accounts.

Answer:  A current list of ADWs offering wagering on the V75 may be found at  In addition, to these ADWs, V75 wagering is offered at WEG and New Meadowlands facilities.  Some outlets offer the V86 as well.  According to ATG, Bet America offers the most diverse selection of Swedish racing including thoroughbred and harness racing as well as all the 'V' wagers such as the V86, V64, V65, V5, V4).  In addition, ATG is working with other ADWs to offer their V wagers.  You should contact the individual ADWs identified by ATG with any questions you may have with regards to specific offerings.. 

As a reminder, certain ADWs may not be available to you depending on where you reside.  You should observe all local laws regarding wagering.

Question:  Another reader wants to know if the United States and Canada are working together on suspending horses with failed drug tests for three months and failing that, offer reciprocity?  The reader has researched multiple horses and noted many of them did well before they failed their drug test.  Those who sat out action and returned to racing in Canada typically didn't do well while several of them crossed the border to race in states like Delaware and New York within the three month period and won. 

Specifically, after observing this, the reader asked "How is this deterring trainers/owners/purchasing or claiming of suspended horses etc? If they are not putting a North American ban in place for 3 months,can they not improve info to horse players that their last start involved a failed drug test? With maybe an "FIII" if it was for anabolic steroids for example?"

Answer:  Sadly, there is no talk I am aware of which would suggest uniformity of rules regarding horses failing drug tests is coming.  There has been discussion in publications like HRU about suspending horses and some people argue you are penalizing owners who may have had nothing to do with drugging the horse, so I don't see this happening anytime soon.  As for reciprocity, it depends on the individual state.  Some states will honor the horse's suspension only if the medication violation in question is a violation in their state, others will honor the suspension regardless, others won't honor a horse suspension because the state doesn't suspend horses. 

Sadly, the only way you will see a uniform rule in place is if the states and provinces agree to follow rules set up by a regulatory agency (let's call it the North American Trotting Agency), something which could be done but would take a lot of work.    As you suggest, being able to ship a horse across the border to race reduces the deterrent effect of the three month suspensions.  With regards to your suggestion of noting in a program that a horse failed a drug test, while it has merit, I tend to doubt the industry will want to draw attention to a horse that failed testing, partially for the publicity, partially for deciding which violations get reported as such. 

Thanks to both readers for submitting their questions.

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