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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meadowlands Winter Stakes Preview

With the Meadowlands' first late closing events coming to a conclusion this evening, it's time to analyze the three races.  The races are the $51,000 Super Bowl Final (race 5), $67,400 Clyde Hirt Final (race 6), and the  $103,500 Presidential Finall (race 11).

But first, here is a brief video of the topping off ceremony at the Meadowlands for the new grandstand.

I would love to say I found some real hot ones tonight but the truth is it looks like fces in the finals.  At the Meadowlands it alwas seems to be that one winter horse that runs overshadows the others in their class.

5th Trot - $51,000; Super Bowl Final - 4yos NW2 Ext PM or $30,000 LT thru 12/15/12
  1  LA Hollywood (Carlson, 20-1) - Trip lands minor spoils.  Don't see.
  2  Jailhouse Juice (Mettinis, 20-1) - Almost shocked last week.  Love the sire but still not likely.
  3  No Less Than Magic (Pierce, 8-1) - Will need trip to land share.
  4  Joyeux Dream (Tetrick, 6-1) - Adds lasix off decent effort.  Woth a look at right odds.
  5  For Goodness Lindy (Buter, 20-1) - Aiming to high.
  6  Sweet Ben (Campbell, 12-1) - Winner last weekwas here.
  7  Where To Hanover (D Miller, 3-1) - Likely winner,
  8  Helios (Gingras, 4-1) - Draws poorly this week,
  9  Wisenheimer (Callahan, 9-2) - Looks to sweep series. 
10  Windsun Gallino  (A Miller, 7-2) - Draws poorly.
Selections: 4-7-9-2

6th Pace - $67,400; Clyde Hirt Final - 4yo H&G NW3 Ext PM or $75,000 LT thru 12/15/12
  1  Holdingallthecards (Tetrick, 5-2) - Midwesterner has been perfect on East Coast.  The obvious choice with the rail.
  2  Shaws Creek Buff (Simpson, 12-1) - Scratch sick give you potential for big odds.  Worth the risk?  I say no.
  3  Ethan Hanover (Callahan, 6-1) - Finished second in both legs and moves inside.  A possibility.
  4  Bestjetyet (Carlson, 10-1) - On his way to a sweep of elims when he broke in last.  Will pass here.
  5  Mr Dennis (A Miller, 8-1) - First start for new connections.    Trainer been doing well.  Watch the board.
  6  Cee Pee  Panic (Gingras, 9-2) - Overland victory last week was not as impressive as it looked.  Still figures in exotics.
  7  Screen The Call (Pierce, 8-1) - Carried division winner to victory last week.  Don't ignore.
  8  One Through Ten (D Miller, 7-2) - Multi-dimensional horse undefeated this year.  Threat.
  9  Vodka Is Terror (Campbell, 20-1) - No luck in post draw.  Can't recommend.
10  Man He Can Skoot (Allard, 20-1) - Would need to get lead early and don't see it happening.
Selections: 1-8-6-7

11th Pace - $103,500; Presidential Final - FFA
  1  Fred And Ginger (Gingras, 12-1) - No chance in last.  Pass.
  2  Dial or Nodial (D Miller, 6-1) - Classy veteran not yet there.
  3  Second Wind N (Carlson, 25-1) - Off the board this year
  4  Malak Uswaad N (Pierce, 20-1) - Would be a big shock to win here.
  5  Versado (A Miller, 8-1)  - Came up empty in last start.  Looked good in ptior start.
  6  Mr Hasani N (Callahan, 10-1) - Just don't see.
  7  Golden Receiver (Tetrick, 4-5) -  Class of field.  Accepting 2-5?
  8  Meirs Hanover (Bongiorno, 15-1) - Will try to track fave.  May land share.
  9  Modern Legend (Campbell, 9-2) - Been right there but deals with bad draw.  Consider for exotics.
Selections: 7-9-2-5

The overall Meadowlands handle continues to grow with each racing night so far but up to this point, on-track handle is down.  At this point I would not be overly worried about the decline on-track because the weather has been much colder and snowy than it was last year.  I expect as we roll into spring when the weather is more cooperative, on-track wagering will improve.

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