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Monday, January 14, 2013

Prix d' Amérique - One Qualifying Race to Go

The last of the 'B' races, the Prix de Beligque was contested yesterday and the victor was Yarrah Bako who completed the 2,850 meter course in a kilometer rate of 1:13.3 (1:58 mile rate).  Finishing second in the race was Roxana De Barbray with Royal Dream finishing third.  Unfortunately, Yarrah Bako was injured in winning this race and will be forced to miss the big race.  Update:  It is now possible that Yarrah Bako may race in the Prix.

What was interesting is some of the horses who have already qualified for the Prix didn't race well in this contest.  Among those who disappointed were Swedish senation Maharajah and Main Wise A and Roxane Griff, all horses who were handicapped with an additional 25 meter handicap. However being no one has yet to win the final 'B' race and return to win two weeks later in the Prix d' Amérique, it may not be a fatal effort by those who already qualified.

Race favorite Ready Cash did not race this final weekend as he prepares for his attempt at a third straight victory in the Prix.

The final qualifying race, the Prix Ténor de Baune, a 2,700 meter race for six year olds will be contested tomorrow after which the final field will be drawn.  As of today, here are the horse who qualify for the Prix d' Amérique in no particular order:

  1. Main Wise A (Pierre Levesque)
  2. Ready Cash (Frank Nivard)
  3. Roxane Griff (Eric Riffan)
  4. Royal Dream (JP Dubois)
  5. Texas Charm (J Dubois)
  6. The Best Madrik (C Martins)
  7. Timoko (Richard Westerink)
  8. Mahahrajah (Orjan Kihlström)
  9. Vanika Du Ruel (mare) (Franck Anne)
Another nine horses may join the field by the time the field is constructed.

Note there will be no wagering on the Prix this year in North America.

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