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Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally Some Answers; Call in the Feds?

At least the OHHA was given the truth about the OLG's plans regarding the end of the Slots at Tracks program.  It only gets worse from there.  Remember the talk about WEG trying to keep their casino to provide slot revenue from the horsemen?  Well, forget about it.  Apparently when the OLG goes out to bid for the placement of casinos, those that remain at tracks will not receive any money for purses; it will be a strict landlord-tenant relationship.

Don't think WEG will be able to take some of the rent money and give it to purses anyway.  If the property is going to be rented out to the OLG, it is going to be at the lowest possible cost to the Lottery; meaning there likely will be no excess to share.

This is certainly not good for racing in the province, but at least racing has answers.  Now horsemen know where they stand if the government doesn't reverse policy.

Jeff Gural is sure to have gotten the industry's attention when he mentioned in a newspaper article that if done, right Federal intervention in racing may be the best thing with regards to medication.  I'll go one better and that is racing needs a revamping to eliminate the state approach with regards to rules, licensing, scheduling of dates, etc.  I am not calling for a racing czar, but state control has clearly become a disaster as the industry is divided into individual fiefdoms (states) and the attitude is to heck with everyone else.    I am not saying it needs to be a strict Federal intervention; it can be something semi-autonomous a Harness Racing America.  What about the USTA?  Their mission shouldn't have to change; it would continue to be a breed registry whose goals are to promote the standardbred bred.


Harry Lare said...

Federal intervention or the USTA? Now there's a choice. So funny you can't make this stuff up. Which Devil has the best dance steps?
I also would like to thank Gural for ruining Tioga. The new paddock looks great, I'm sure the horseman love it. Did you ever think about the fans who actually liked the up close and personal with the old paddock? That set Tioga apart from other tracks. First opening weekend I've missed. I'm normally there 2 sometimes all 3 days a week now I may show up 3 or 4 times all year. Thanks! I got a lot of yard work done this weekend and I'll be attending a lot more Binghamton Mets games this year.
Season tickets next year.

Pacingguy said...


Indeed, federal intervention has its own set of worries, but I think it has been proven that the industry can't police themselves; a lot of the blame goes to the individual states and their regulations.

To me, the best thing which could happen is getting the state out of the regulation of the industry. If that means the Feds getting involved, so be it.

That being said, federal intervention does not need to be all encompasing. Perhaps they can decide medication issues but then set up an agency similar to the USPS to regulate racing based on fees paid to them by the racing industry and its participants.