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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Elitlopp Post Position Draw

The two elimination heats for the 2012 Elitlopp have been drawn and with the full sixteen horses starting, the top four of each race will advance to the final. 

In the first division, Arch Madness draws post position seven while the Oslo Grand Prix winner, Commander Crowe draws the coveted rail.  However, it could be worse, the one mare in the race, Sweden's Dileva Käll, draws the dreaded eight hole, this coming after a second place finish in 1:10 to Brioni in a final tune-up, reportedly putting in a strong stretch run.

In the second elimination, the racing gods were kinder to Canada's Windsong Geant, who draws the rail.  However, he has to beat Rapide Lebel and Germany's Brioni, who yesterday set his own personal record and European seasonal record of 1:09.7 (1:52.1f) in a 1609 meter prep race. 

The Elitlopp will be available for racing in the United States on Sunday morning, May 27.

Heat 1
1. Commander Crowe – Christophe Martens (Sweden)
2. Orecchietti – Örjan Kihlström (Sweden)
3. Classic Grand Cru – Björn Goop (Germany)
4. Oyonnax – Kenneth Nielsen (France)
5. Beanie M.M. – Johnny Takter (Sweden)
6. Iceland – Stefan Melander (Sweden)
7. Arch Madness – Brian Sears (U.S.A.)
8. Dileva Käll (f) – Peter G Norman (Sweden)

Heat 2
1. Windsong Geant – Rick Zeron (Canada)
2. Oracle – Erik Adielsson (Sweden)
3. Caballion – Fredrik B Larsson (Sweden)
4. Sanity – Johnny Takter (Sweden)
5. Sebastian K. – Lutfi Kolgjini (Sweden)
6. Rapide Lebel – Eric Raffin (France)
7. Brioni – Joakim Lövgren (Germany)
8. Yarrah Boko – Ulf Ohlsson (Norway)

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