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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Good News?

In this topsy turvey mess called the Meadowlands 2011, I hestitate to bring up rumors as fact, but the latest reports indicated a deal may be in the works for the SBOANJ and 'partners' to lease the Meadowalands for the 2011 racing season.  While such a deal would be great, it is too early to claim victory as the devil is in the details.  It should also be noted that horemen groups do not have particularly good record running harness meets such as the Sacramento Harness Horsemen Association which had the original lease at Cal-Expo and the Cloverleaf Racing Associations, a venture of the Maryland harness horsemen who ended up going bankrupt at Rosecroft.  Now granted, due to the importance lf the Meadowlands, it is possible some non-racing groups (such as breeders and the Hambletonian Sociert may become partners with the SBOANJ to fund the meet), but nothing is secure.

Of course, the doomsayers are saying so what if the Meadowlands is saved if we end up with the same type of meet we have had for the past two months; claiming anything less than the spring meet would be a failure.  This would be a short sighted view.  The fact is, if this rumored deal is true, there would be racing at the Meadowlands and even if a 'B' caliber type of meet, it keeps them in the game; possibly long enough to hold on until slots machines beome politically appealing for the Meadowlands. 

Again, before we get too optimistic, we must remember this drama has been playing out with so many tweaves and turns so the possibility of another rock being thrown into the works is quite possible.

In the meanwhile, let's start spreading the holiday cheer with yesterday's Cleveland Classic won by One More Laugh.  I am very impressedby the race caller for being able to follow the race; a lot less impressived with the graphics used to promote the sponsor; something which would have been extremely disconcerting if the weather cooperated

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