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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mia Culpa

No sooner than I complained about the refusal of Governor Christie to meet with horsemen regarding racing at the Meadowlands, based primarily on the SBOANJ President's own remarks that they were being frozen out of promised meetings with the Governor, as remarked yesterday in the Asbury Park Press:  "Gov. Chris Christie said in an editorial board meeting with New Jersey Press Media newspapers last week that he’s waiting for racing industry people to come to him with a viable plan for rescuing horse racing in New Jersey. But Luchento said the governor has ignored them."

So today, I wrote an entry extremely critical of the Governor based on my analysis of what was known at the time.  So what happens?  No sooner than I post that entry, the SBOANJ announces that meetings were held with the Governor's office this week.  

The SBOANJ press release late today:


MANALAPAN, NJ – December 2, 2010 -- After extensive meetings this week with the office of Governor Chris Christie, Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey President Tom Luchento is extremely optimistic that there will be racing at the Meadowlands in 2011, starting in January.

"We have had extensive and productive meetings with the Governor's office and should have more details soon," said Luchento. "We are pleased with progress that was achieved this week."

-Submitted by Carol Hodes for the SBOANJ

Me bad.  So with egg on the face, I have modified my previous blog entry from today, removing extremely critical remaks about the Governor for being unwilling to meet with racing interests.  I have no problem being critical about the Governor or anyone else if they deserve it, but when such criticism is leveled based on incorrect information, I equally have a responsibility to set the record straight.  My apologies to the Governor for complaining about his refusal to meet with racing interests.


The_Knight_Sky said...

The meeting was with the "Governor's Office".

I thought the promise was for a face to face brainstorming session.

How else can things get done at this point?

Pacingguy said...

Realistically, you don't get to see the Governor, you get to see a flunkie who reports back to the Governor. However, it is better than what was going on.

Some talk has it may be a case of the horsemen leasing the track for 2011.

The_Knight_Sky said...

Yes I read about the possibility of a lease.

Hopefully the new management will do a good job of accounting and show the world how Big M harness racing can be profitable by itself.

No word on the purse structure or the number of racing dates at this point, so I hope this is implemented with extreme diligence.