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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gunning for Freehold and ACRC too?

A puzzling item on the NJRC agenda for December 22nd has the NJSEA attempting to deny a renewal of the licenses of the Toms River and Vineland OTWs.  The question needs to be asked why would the NJSEA be attempting to deny licensure for 2011 of these two OTWs owned by competitors?

Could it be the NJSEA is gunning for Freehold Raceway and Atlantic City Race Course?  A susbtantial amount of Freehold's revenue comes from their Toms River OTW and ACRC races six days a year to maintain the racetrack as an all year simulcast site and to maintain their Vineland OTW.  With these two OTWs closed, thre is a reasonable chance Freehold Raceway will close as will ACRC.

Why would the NJSEA lead the charge to get these two OTWs closed?  One must remember the NJSEA board is comprised of political appointees (otherwise known as hacks).  No doubt if these two OTWs were closed, how long would it be before the NJSESA seek to reopen them under their control?  If Freehold and ACRC were to close, all the commissions on wagers owed horsemen would go to Monmouth Park.  Also, down the road, if Monmouth doesn't survive, the state which wants to get out of the horse racing industry may become a bookie state.

Paranoia you say?  Perhaps, but in a year where the governor is seeking to destroy horse racing, nothing is too paranoid to consider?

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