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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wrapping Up at Tioga

There is only three days remaining to the 2010 Tioga Downs meet starting with a special Wednesday afternoon card.  Wednesday's card consists solely of overnight races.  On Friday evening, there is a final of a late closing series with Saturday night featuring one final appearance of NYSS horses with the NYSS for 3yo trotting colts and a late closing event for 3yo pacing colts.

Selections for all three race days are now listed.  Please note Saturday's selections were made prior to any changes being announced..

Wednesday, September 8
1st - Kahlo CC, Four Starz Trop, Native Sweets (1-2-7)
2nd - Tia Maria Kosmos, Slated For Success, Amazing Hanover (3-2-4)
3rd - Oh No Three O, George Is A Hit, Classic Viking (6-3-7)
4th - Basso Hanover, Gaje, Perfect Dreamer, Briarwood Rex (6-1-4-7)
5th - Broadway Line, Over The Limit, Prairie Angel (9-5-7)
6th - Twin B Krave, Don'tcomeout, Mike And Jim (3-1-5)
7th - Fox Valley Michael, Nothingcanshakeme, Rock Hard Ten, Malachy (8-2-4-7)
8th - Cherrio, Rally By The River, Paulie Ma Guire (8-3-2)
9th - Prettyasapageant, Huge Succcess N, Isn't She Lovely (1-8-7)
10th - Lost Weight, Hot Potato, CR's Gift (4-8-2)
11th - World Queen, Day And Night, Freulein Meister, Cardine Hanover (7-5-6-9)

Friday, September 10
1st - Blissfull Lil, Rio Raider, Infinite Desire (7-2-4)
2nd - KM Dreamcatcher, Edgewood, Natural T (1-7-6)
3rd - Nell Fire, Casino Aces A, Alexanderthegreat N (2-3-7)
4rh - There He Is, Pennthouse, Cee Q, Western Albert (1-6-7-2)
5th - Lucy Lucy, All Spirit, Diva Delight (3-2-4)
6th - Fifty Two Finn, Carscot Nexus, Super Lotto (6-7-2)
7th - Max Q, Dominus N, Savannah Scion, Eh (3-9-4-5)
8th - Banker Ablaze, Ashcos Scotty, Slow Poker (1-5-6)
9th - Handsome Hussy, First Of Fun, Village Blizzard (2-3-7)
10th - Paydaze A Comin, Who Dey, Calmlee Jason (4-8-1)
11th - Tangerine, Radiant Hall, Little Pop Queen, Wrinkle Hanover (2-9-1-7)

Saturday, September 11
Note: Selections were made before scratch time.  Hence, betting numbers are omitted.
1st - Shaq Is Back, Winning Fireworks, Kona
2nd - Arabica, It'sabouttime, Mystery Island
3rd - Aruba Vacation, Folk Tail, Jocular
4th - Neverhitthebrakes, Millie Maguire, Fast Mail, Speedway
5th - Carbon Footprint, Nearly Uncle, Cider With Ice
6th - Mikey Wants More, Ally-Con, Bad Hat Harry
7th - The Windsurfer A, Winning Mister, Andover America, Budget Gap
8th - Wishing Stone, Whata Winner, Waldorf Hall
9th - Major Jette, Breezefromthewest, Murphy Delivers
10th - Power Park, Sheer Brilliance, Winbak Dimensions, Utah Jack

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