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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tioga Down's Final Figures, Brooks Convicted, Delaware Simulcasting

With the reduced takeout at Tioga Downs, on-track wagering increased by 4.1% and wagering from simulcast locations increased 8.7 over the previous year.  Clearly reducing the takeout rate permitted Tioga to show an improvement to it's wagering numbers when most if not all harness tracks have exhibited a decline in wagering handle. 

David Brooks, founder of Bulletproof Enterprises was convicted yesterday of all charges in his criminal trial in Nassau County, New York.  In a press release from the Department of Justice announcing the convictions, harness racing once again is reminded how marginal we have become in the public consciousness as the press release talked about how the jury found that Brooks diverted funds " support the former CEO’s thoroughbred horse-racing business".  We can't even get attention with bad news. 

In other news, Grand Circuit racing at the Delaware County Fairgrounds begins this Sunday.  For those who enjoy playing Delaware's races via simulcasting, please be aware there will be no simulcasting on Sunday and Monday.   

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