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Friday, September 3, 2010

Post Eightitis; Stakes Night Canada

BG's Folly is a scratched-sick for the Cane Pace.  Could his sickness have to do with drawing post position eight?  According to the Harness Racing Weekend Preview, a despondent George Berkner (trainer)  is quoted as saying "“How do you win from out there—duck and follow?"  Later in the article Berkner is further quoted as saying "We'll just regroup and move on".  It may be coincidence but I suspect BG's Folly will be recovering from his illness pretty quick.  With the scratch of BG's Folly, First Officer moves in off the also eligible list. UPDATE: Subsequent to this blog entry being published, it has been learned that BG's Folly blood work came back borderline.  His connections claim this is why he was scratched. 

Apparently post-eightitis is occurring often enough in Ontario as the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) is implementing a new rule beginning September 15 to address scratching due to a bad post draw.  As a result of this new rule, if a horse scratches from a race, his preference date will be updated as if the horse raced. While this rule will not impact stakes horses, overnight horses who scratch out may now find themselves racing as little as once a month in classes where there are many horses entering a specific class if they decide to scratch out of a race to avoid a bad post.  As you know, when there are too many horses entered in a particular race, preference goes to the horses who have a longer time between starts.  Under the current rules, a horse who scratches out keeps their previous preference date and can drop back in the box and race. With the new rule, it could be two or even three weeks before a horse gets a chance to start again with the updated preference date so it will be in the connection's best interests to race instead of scratching and try to make lemonade out of lemons. 

In other ORC news, the first allegations regarding possible race fixing at Windsor Raceway related to the Michigan race fixing scandal have come to light.  Drivers Brad Forward is being fined and suspended for five years, Gene Piroski is fined and suspended ten years, and Kevin Wallis is being fined and suspended for twelve years for their alleged wrongdoing.  Another driver, Arthur Mcllumary, is not currently licensed by the ORC but has been named as well which means he will be ineligible for licensure in the province.    

Saturday night is a big evening of racing at Mohawk with the running of the Simcoe Stakes, Shes A Great Lady, Metro, and Canadian Pacing Derby featuring many of the 'A' listers.  While these races seem to be favoring the favorites, when big money is on the line, specifically in the Metro, Shes A Great Lady, and the Canadian Pacing Derby, you never know which horse(s) may be driving aggressively and play hardball which may result in some upsets.  In addition, Tioga Downs features New York Sires Stakes action Friday and Saturday night as the racing season is rapidly coming to a conclusion with the last day of racing being next Saturday, September 11.  My selections for the big races at Mohawk and Friday and Saturday night at Tioga Downs follows.    

2nd Mohawk - Trot - $127,947; Simcoe Stakes (1st Div) - 3yo Open
7 - Muscle Massive (Pierce, 1-1) - Stands heads above these, but note first start since August 7
3 - Text Me (Waples, 5-1) - Been dominating Ontario breds.  Could catch Muscle Massive if he is short.
4 - Brother Glide (8-1) - Taking a hike here.  With, Ritchie driving may complete trifecta.

7th Mohawk - Pace - $1,000,000; Metro Pace - 2yos Open
3 - Prodigal Seelster (Tetrick, 3-1) - Riding four race win streak.  The one to beat.
9 - Mystician (Jamieson, 8-1) - Been chasing the top pick in last two starts.  May be able to squeeze in and spice up the exotics.
4 - Big Jim (Hudon, 5-2) - Three race win streak. Think #3 has class edge over this one.

8th Mohawk - Pace - $688,000; Shes A Great Lady - 2yo Fillies
3 - Pretty Katherine (Macdonald, 2-5) - Undefeated filly goes for win #5.  Most likely will win but are you willing to accept 2-5 or less?
2 - Shyaway (Sears, 12-1) - Finished second to top choice and moves in.  Maybe worth the play at these odds.
1 - Strike An Attitude (Condren, 12-1) - Took overland route to win her elim.  Draws the rail.
5 - Rockratese (Filion, 15-1) - Parked half the mile and finished second in elim,  Draws inside.  May do better than rating.

9th Mohawk -  Trot - $127,947; Simcoe Stakes (2nd Div)  - 3yo Open
5 - Break The Bank K (Sears, 8-5) - Gets much neeeded class relief.  One to beat #3.
3 - Windsong Geant (Jamieson, 3-1) - Finished second to Text Me two starts back.  See how he does in 2nd and let that be your guide. 
2 - Hard Cider (Brennan,4-1) - Seems to be improving.  Pick up the show spot.

10th Mohawk - Pace - $780,000; Canadian Pacing Derby - 3yo & Up
2 - Hypnotic Blue Chip (Jamieson, 5-2) - Winner of elimination may be able to take advantage of the poor post draw by Shark Gesture.
5 - Bigtime Ball (Macdonell, 8-1) - Pacer has been able to rise to the occasion in big events.  A very playable long shot.
8 - Shark Gesture (Brennan, 2-1) - Is the King of Pacing but draws the worst of it amongst the contenders. 

Tioga Downs, Friday, September 3, 2010
1st - Show Your Lindys, Dream State, Video (5-2-3)
2nd - Heikki, Jaguar, Talkabout Joy (1-3-4)
3rd - To Lindy's Credit, Upside Blue Chip, Wolf's Jann (4-2-3)
4th - TJ's Do It Best, Keep On Believin, OK Brilliant, Babyblue Hanover (7-6-5-8)
5th - Munis Blue Chip, Amazing Adventure, South Jersey Honey (1-6-3)
6th - Fox Valley Majesty, Our Special Girl, Maple Leaf Noble (8-5-3)
7th - Cape Cove Daisy, Infinite Desire, Silverdollar Shark, Fly For Real (4-9-2-5)
8th - Impressive Kemp, Madam Hooch, Majestic's Joy (6-3-5)
9th - Tuesdays With Mom, Frosty Flirt, Viva Las Lind (5-6-1)
10th - Diva Delight, Nillabomb, All Spirit (1-3-6)
11th - Slow Poker, Whiteland Will, Saskia Lavictoire (1-3-4)
12th - Princess Delight, Beyond Perfection, Jovial Charm, Bond Blue Chip (7-1-6-3)

Tioga Downs, Saturday, September 4, 2010
1st - Sir Ziggy's Z Tam, Ideal Deo, Test of Will (2-3-7)
2nd - Leah's Ex, Andrea, All That Dazzle (5-6-1)
3rd - Major Way, Southwing Milo, Reflection of Blue (3-4-1POE)
4th - Iron Lady, Idle Dice, Babycakes Eden, Bonnie And Slide (4-2-1-5)
5th - Forza Azzuri, State Fair, Wolf's Leonie (3-4-5)
6th - Major Secret, Thomas J, Overnight Delight (4-2-6)
7th - Shady Chip, Indian Hill Laser, Ebba's Yankee, Lucky Hit (5-4-3-1)
8th - Dreamy Dawn, Appomattox Lady, Cashaholic (2-8-3)
9th - China King, Roadside Delight, Open Water (2-5-3)
10th - Brooklyn, Cuzzin Weezie, Robinusblind (7-5-2)
11th - Gimme A Good One, All Joy, Ten Yard Penalty (1-3-6)
12th - Castor Blue Chip, Pennthouse, Bucks Machine, Upheld (9-2-3-4)

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