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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Racing What it Was, What it Can Be

Updated:  Walter Case is not driving. This week at Balmoral.

Part Shark went down the road last night at Chalottetown Driving Park to win the 51st edition of the Gold Cup and Saucer in a track record of 1:51.  It was a real treat to watch this race and see what harness racing can be.  However, watching this race also brings sadness as it highlights what racing has become in the United States.  One can't help but wonder what racing has done wrong which has resulted in most of our big races being run in front of barren grandstands and aprons.

Watch the replay of last night's Gold Cup and Saucer; watch it twice.  Once, watch the race for the action on the track; the second time to watch the crowd which not only filled the grandstand apron, but had people circling the entire oval and infield. 

Those in racing need to see what racing can do to recapture some of this spirit if it wishes to survive.  We can't expect racing to experience attendance like this on a daily basis, but we must increase interest if there is any chance for survival.  It is possible, if the industry is willing to change.

Earlier we reported that Walter Case Jr was scheduled to drive on Wednesday at Balmoral.  It turns out his being listed was a clerical error.  As of now, he is not racing anywhere.

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