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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gold Cup and Saucer, The Best Race You Won't Bet

Tonight is the running of the Gold Cup & Saucer at Charlottetown Driving Park.  While the purse is only $60,000 (Canadian), this is a race where the purse is secondary; adding your name to the list of winners is paramount to the connections.

Unfortunately, wagering for the Gold Cup and Saucer is limited in the United States.  The Red Mile will be handling the race (WEG will be carrying it in Canada) as will a few ADWs.  Still, a race which will have horsemen surrounding the fence around the track and fans filling the grandstand apron deserves to be covered; there are far too few of these races around.  Here is my analysis of the race:

Charlottetown Driving Park 14th Pace - $60,000; Gold Cup and Saucer
1 - PH Tornado (Barrieau, 15-1) - Had no chance in last race against Stonebridge Terror.  Best chance of the local horses.
2 - Stonebridge Terror (Coulter, 5-2) - Won in 1:52.4 in his trial by almost six lengths.  Note that was only his third win of the season.
3 - Giddy Up Delight (MacKenzie, 3-1 ) - Winner in 1:52.1, while not as dominating as #2; he has higher win percentage in Ontario.
4 - Part Shark (S. Zeron, 4-1) - Another trial winner in 1:52.1.  Most of his racing occurs on the B circuit.  May land share.
5 - Panda Bear (A. MacDonald, 8-1) - Beaten favorite is unlikely to rebound from last week. 
6 -  Royal Becquet (Allard, 10-1) - Never a threat in his trial.  A likely also ran.
7 - Priceless Edition (M. Campbell, 14-1) -Distant second to Stonebridge Terror.  Note driver selected #6 this week.
8 - Awestreos (J. MacDoanld, 12-1) - Bad post suggests his best effort was seen last week.  Pass.
9 - Proven Lover (Chappell, 8-1) - Governor's Plate winner (Summerside) does show a victory on the WEG circuit.  Needs a lot of luck to get involved. 
Selections: 3-2-4-1

Meanwhile, the best race you will not be betting on Sunday occurs at Tioga Downs in the second leg of the Miss Versatility Trot.  With only four horses dropping in the box, the race will be contested as a non-wagering event.  If you have the ability to watch the Tioga signal tomorrow, tune in to watch this race.  The approximate post time for this race is 2:20pm.

Tioga Downs Non-betting Trot - $25,000; Miss Versatility, Aged Mares
1 - Buck I St Pat (Kakaley) - Bounced back with a win in the Matchmaker.  The one to beat.
2 - Southwind Wasabi (Marohn Jr) - Has really not been competitive against these.  Pass.
3 - Yursa Hanover (Ranger) - Needs a more patient drive to be a factor. 
4 - Windsong Soprano (Ra. Waples) - Runner up to #1 last week finished ahead of top choice in the first leg.
Selections: 4-1-3-2

With the Meadowlands summer meet concluded, you may be looking for another track to wager on.  You may wish to consider Tioga Downs with their takeout the lowest in all of North America.  To assist you with your handicapping, I am happy to offer my handicapping selections for tonight's and Sunday afternoon's card.

Tioga Downs, Saturday, August 21
1st - Sinspirational, Occupant, Kahlo C C (5-6-2)
2nd - Majestic's Joy, Broadway Line, Classic Viking (3-1-4)
3rd - Ammie Finesse, Vivollo, Glenna S Angel (6-2-4)
4th - Babycakes Eden, Fast Mail, Bonnie And Slide, Nipozzano (1-3-5-7)
5th - Striking Osborne, Ebba's Yankee, Genesisjerseyspeed (6-5-8)
6th - Diva Delight, Princess Jalona, Rio Raider (4-5-2)
7th - Fox Valley Majesty, Amazing Hanover, S A Poster Boy, Maple Leaf Noble (1-6-8-4)
8th - Tuscan Lindy, Franky Provoline, A Jam Sampl (5-8-4)
9th - Sadies Place, My True Delight, Shady Matilda (6-7-3)
10th - Earlivic, Wild Goose Lodge, Bacon Hill Scott (2-3-8)
11th - What About Brian, All Joy, Galahad Hall (1-7-5)
12th - Fox Valley Michael, Briawood Rex, Allamerican Solo, Gaje (8-9-4-3)

Tioga Downs, Sunday, August 22
1st - Gold Like U, Miles Of Style, There He Is (1-3-4)
2nd - Real Mystical, Nathanial's Artist, Nell Fire (6-2-5)
3rd - Oh No Three O, Keystone Thomas, Dreamanotherdream (3-8-2)
4th - Brighton Bay One, Lookinforasign, Bettyordays R Cumin, Mike And Jim (2-7-8-5)
5th - How Forever Feels, Hearty Fellow, Keep On Dream (6-3-4)
6th - Jack's Reef, Sam's Honeybee, Super Lotto (2-7-4)
7th - Petes Elect A, Opan Heart, I'm In Luck, Anvilanunoit N (7-9-5-3)
8th - Pappy, First Of Fun, Reasontocelebrate (4-5-8)
9th - Colorful Dreams, Arabica, Sisyphus (3-7-8)
10th -All About Justice, Baseball Express, Andover America (5-6-7)
11th - Whole Lotta Wow, Winbak Dimensions, Stettin Hanover (4-5-3)
12th - Mike Wants More, Fox Valley Quantum, I'mkindofabigdeal, Prettyasapageant (2-7-3-8)

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