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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hambletonian Weekend at Tioga Downs (Selections)

Updated: Now has Sunday afternonn's selections included.

This weekend, attention will be rightfully focused on the Meadowlands with the Hambletonian and its wonderful undercard.  That being said, there is racing elsewhere and one of those places will be Tioga Downs.  As I have been doing all meet, I will be providing my advance selections for the Tioga Downs card but instead of putting them on the bottom of another post, they will be posted in this entry.  Initially, only Friday evening's selections will be posted but as the other day's selections have been made, this particular entry will be updated.   So if you are interested in Tioga Downs, check back periodically.

Friday night's card features Jezzy, the undefeated 2yo filly trotter who was the winner of the Acorn Stakes at the Meadowlands and the Tompkins-Geers at Tioga Downs earlier this season.  She competes in the fifth race, one of five divisions of the NYSS for 2yo filly trotters.

Friday, August 6
1st - Look Up, Mandolin Hanover, Sabrina B (6-7-2)
2nd - Carme Blue Chip, Touch of Grace, Becca's Girl (2-5-6)
3rd - Some Girls, Epona Blue Chip, Enchanted (7-1-4)
4th - Stash The Cash, Kiss Me Nice, Marthe My Dear (4-8-1-7)
5th - Jezzy, Oakiedokie Hanover, Tap Tap Dance (3-7-6)      
6th - Cape Cove Daisy, Head Over Heels, Penny Pincher (2-1-6)
7th - Silverdollar Shark, Radiant Hall, Lady On The Attack, Lovely Magic (3-5-1-7)
8th - Leah's Ex, Wiggs, Expensive Taste (4-3-5)
9th - Billie Bluechip, Lucy Lucy, My True Delight (5-6-4)
10th - Miss Sue V, Sweet Possession, Appomattox Lady (5-1-3)
11th - Day And Night, Stick Up, Splenda, LA Dreamin Delight (1-7-6-3)

Saturday, August 7
1st - Quick Getaway, Winfinity, Earnest Kash (4-5-2)
2nd - Draftmania, Prince Polygon, Western Albert (4-6-3)
3rd - Backbackbackitup, Striking Osborne, Hot Potato (5-2-1)
4th - Amazing Hanover, Biggerthebetter, Paulie Ma Guire, Lucky Hit (5-6-2-4)
5th - Prince Sail On, Fox Valley Verbeau, Perfect Ending (3-5-7)
6th - Thirtyeightspecial, Rally By The River, Tuscan Lindy (5-8-7)
7th - Blade, Ashcos Scotty, Talkabout Joy, K M Sweet Dreams (1-5-3-4)
8th - Arabica, Honey Ofacharacter, Life At Midnight (5-4-8)
9th - Classic Viking, Justa Lucky Yank, Canterbury Tail (6-5-3)
10th - Hollys Kat Kan Do, Just Listed, Heikki (4-6-2)
11th - First Of Fun, Fox Valley Michael, Armbro Claret, Life Of Roddy (1-5-4-7)

Sunday, August 8
Note: Selections made before scratch time.  Please check wagering numbers for Sunday as there is a chance they may change.  If an Also Eligible is included in the selections, it will be in italics.
1st - Lookingforasign, Debs Lady Fortune, Goodbye So Long (2-3-5)
2nd - Coronet Hanover, Karate Chris, JK Born To Run (1-2-4)
3rd - Powerful Al, Brighton Bay One, Sportabella (3-4-8)
4th - Pro Prospect, Cody's Honor, Major Jette, There He Is, Jovial Mike (1-AE-9-8-3)
5th - R Capital Gains, Harold Greene, Sun Beau Slick (8-3-2)
6th - Brody Hanover, Hearty Fellow, Accelerated Force (8-2-1)
7th - Keystone Thomas, Kash N Credit, Katie's Red Rose, Diva Diva (3-9-4-7)
8th - Tyber Champ, Devastating A, Fox Valley Quantum (2-5-9)
9th - Catamount N, Exterme Yankee, Oh No Three O (8-5-3)
10th - I'm In Luck, Opan Heart, Paydaze A Comin (1-4-7)
11th - Anvilanunoit N, Vertigo Hanover, Ten Big Soldiers (1-3-4)
12th -  Allamerican Solo, Perfect Dreamer, Nothingcanshakeme, Ascot Cognac, Malachy (1-AE-6-7-2)

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