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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wait Till Next Year

Well, the American entries were done early today in Sweeden. Both Enough Talk and Buck I St Pat failed to make it to the final heat of the Elitlopp. Buck I St Pat went offstride before the start of the race but got back into the race before faltering.

First Elimination Results

  1. Sahara Dynamite 1:09.8
  2. Triton Sund
  3. Scarlets Aino
  4. Offshore Dream

Second Elimination

  1. Jaded 1:09.7 (New Swedish Record)
  2. Torvald Palema
  3. Nimrod Borealis
  4. Igor Font

For those who are interested in breeding, both elimination winners were sired by Express Ride who competed in the 1986 Hambo and went on to a succesful breeding career in Europe.

While Enough Talk and Buck I St Pat failed to advance, kudos to the connections of both horses to be willing to send their horses overseas.

UPDATE: In the final, Torvald Palema won. Perhaps the most notable thing about the victory of Torvald is that his driver has a one month suspension pending and has been charged with animal cruelty. The media is going to love this over there.

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