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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's Play Mutuel Manager

You are the Mutuel Manager at Harness Downs, the local racetrack in your community. Your general manager has come to you and told you that the current wagering menu does not attract new horseplayers. Yes, your Pick-6 is well played as is your $.10 Superfecta (shame on any track that doesn't offer the dime option) but the marketing department is noticing the track is not enticing new horseplayers. Your GM wants you to come up with a wager that is easy to understand, easy to play yet has the potential for a good payout that will get people to notice. Takeout is not an issue as you work for progressive management that realizes a 10% takeout is all that is needed.

What wager(s) would you come up with and why would you select it?

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