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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Open Letter to Governor Corzine

The condition sheet for the upcoming week at the Meadowlands show a substitute race for $7,500 claimers. Where is the bottom?

Wake up Governor Corzine. Purse supplements from the casinos obviously is not stemming the decline of racing in New Jersey. Even with the casino money, you are asking the NJ tracks to fight with one hand behind the back.

I know the casino lobby is strong but let me state the obvious for you:

  1. Racing is dying due to the lack of slot machines.
  2. A lot of farm land is going to be lost.
  3. A lot more people are about to lose their jobs.
  4. The money Atlantic City lost to the racinos in DE, PA and NY is never coming back to Atlantic City. Let me repeat that. The money lost to the other states' racinos is never coming back to Atlantic City.
  5. If you allow a racino in The Meadowlands, a lot of the money will at least come back in the state.
  6. Last I heard the state finances are in the tank. How can you look past 'free' money that will come into the state treasury?

Since there seems to be brain freeze along with "pay to play" in Trenton, let me offer the following win-win scenario:

Allow slot/VLT machines in the Meadowlands. Let the NJSEA buy Freehold Raceway and Atlantic City Race Course (don't forget about them). Allow the slots be managed by the casinos in Atlantic City with a percentage of the money going to the casinos and the state, a percentage to the NJSEA and a percentage to the purses at Atlantic City, Monmouth Park, Meadowlands and Freehold as well as the maintaining of the racing facilities. All this conditioned on a certain number of race dates at each facility.

You know this is going to happen eventually, why don't we speed things along?

The jobs of thousands is waiting for you to act.

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