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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Walk in Our Shoes (AKA What Driving Championship?)

Pull the Pocket wrote a great piece yesterday on how people involved in racing should be required to play the horses for a period of time to see what the racing public deals with.  Quite honestly, it is a great idea for it seems these people don't have a clue what the racing public goes through to play the horses; my topic today is a case in point.

Unlike driving championships where we typically see of the same old drivers racing for a bonus as at Harrah's Philadelphia this year, the driving championship at Miami Valley Racing this week is a great idea.  No, it isn't your regular top drivers racing for a pot of gold at their home track, this is a case where drivers through out North America could nominate themselves by putting up a $300 nomination fee with the top thirty drivers (forty drivers nominated themselves) selected.

The drivers competed over two days in a sufficient number of races where everyone competed in eight qualifying races.  After the two days of races, the top ten drivers by points earned advanced to the final which is being contested today.  The drivers selected (in order of points earned) are: Sam Widger, Tyler Smith, Doug McNair, John DeLong, Tony Hall, Trace Tetrick, Marcus Miller, Jonathan Roberts, Ronnie Wrenn Jr., and Randy Tharps (who was tied with Simon Allard but won the draw to secure the final spot).

Anyway, excited about this contest, I planned to play the races on Sunday so I did all my handicapping and was ready to make some wagers on the event.  So, I logged on to my ADW account and saw a message 'Live video not available' (later finding out CHDN doesn't play nice with TVG or anyone else for that matter).  Really?  I could wager on the races but it would be blindly.  What to do?  Quickly I went through my options:

  1. Go to the Miami Valley Gaming website and watch the video there?  Nope, I can watch the previous day's replays but no live feed.
  2. Use another ADW which carries Miami Valley?  No.  In my home state it is illegal to wager using another ADW (a state agency owns the ADW though it is managed by TVG).  I do things legally, so I wouldn't set up another account claiming I lived in another state.  Besides, why should I have to?
  3. Use my Racetrack Television Network account?  Well, truth be told, I don't have RTN at home.  As a matter of principle, I shouldn't have to use RTN; if my ADW takes wagers it should provide a signal as well.  After all, am I in a NYC OTB parlor in 1971?  (Note to RTN, I'll be subscribing once you are available on Fire TV.)
  4. In frustration, log off.  No Driving Championship for me.  I guess Miami Valley is off of my radar until the day comes when someone lets me know their racing signal is available.

Miami Valley, I hardly know you.  I guess this is the way it is going to be.

Yes, people involved in racing should have to become gamblers first and learn how it is to be in our shoes.


Anonymous said...

Maybe people who write/blog about racing should be required to actually wager more than $200/year too?

Pacingguy said...

Anon, I can honestly say I wager much more than $200 a year.