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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Briefs

After hearing from fans, the Meadowlands realizes they made a mistake last week when the Pick-5 began with a lot of drivers 'To Be Announced' when certain drivers were unable to make it to the track, including a last minute scratch of another driver.  Fans who wagered the Pick-5 sequence had every right to be upset when in at least one case a 'A' level driver was replaced with a driver of less ability.

As a result, a new policy has been instituted in East Rutherford in that from this point forward, all driver changes in any race which is part of a multi-leg wager will be announced prior to the post parade of the first leg.  In addition, the Meadowlands will attempt to apologize by seeding the Pick-5 with $10,000 this Saturday.

Some punters may still be sore about what happened this past Saturday.  Will this placate them?  I am sure some will still be upset, but the track is doing what it can reasonably be expected to do to make up for the mistake last time and more importantly, is instituting controls to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Congratulations to Doug McNair for winning the Miami Valley Driving Championship.  The final was marred with horrible track conditions which resulted in a one hour delay between races and the defection of a driver over what they perceived an unsafe surface.  I hope Miami Valley repeats this competition in the future, albeit at a different time in the year when one doesn't have to deal with a track thawing and other winter racing concerns.

I had came across an article where they talked about the 'defunct' Thunder Ridge Raceway.  According to the KHRC commission website, Thunder Ridge Raceway has dates assigned for this year.  Other than this article, there is no mention of the track closing.  You would forgive the paper if they are incorrect because it is almost impossible to find any current news on Thunder Ridge.  Yet, we learned Thunder Ridge will be racing this year starting April 12.  Sadly, other than horsemen, no one probably cares one way or the other.  My suspicion is the track will continue to operate at least until a decision is made by the Kentucky Supreme Court as to whetehr Keenland can apply for the final racing license in state to operate a quarter horse track in Corbin County or if their path to quarter horse and historical racing machines is through buying Thunder Ridge's license and the $2.2 million in debt.  Regardless of the decision, Thunder Ridge is operating on borrowed time.

You may have heard about the flooding out in California.  Some horsemen from Cal Expo were called out to save some standardbreds from the flooding waters at a farm near Sacramento.  Kudos to Nathalie TremblayDave KuriKimberley Schneider, Quentin Schneider,and Kennedy Lindsey for their efforts.  All the affected horses are now resting comfortably at Cal Expo.   

Up in Maine, the harness racing industry has been getting hammered by opponents of racing.  Now, a harness racing participant gets to have his say.  

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Anonymous said...

Pacing Guy:

I doubt Miami Valley can hold a Drivers Championship at any time other than January, February or March. Granted, those months are the most likely for blizzards, ice storms and temperature fluctuations that cause freezing and thawing of the track.

While Miami Valley could move the event to April or early May before closing for the season, there's no way the same caliber of drivers would participate. More tracks are open. Stakes and higher purse series are underway elsewhere.