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Monday, January 30, 2017

NJ Historical Wagering?

If you don't succeed in getting slots, what do you do next?

Well, in New Jersey, you attempt to get Historical Racing through the legislature.  Yes, the very same machines which some say look an awful lot like slot machines.  One would think it would be hard to get this approved, but an Attorney General from a previous administration ruled it would be constitutional.  Of course, even if it passes the state legislature and gets signed by Governor Christie, there will be a battle in the courts; both Atlantic City and out of state casino interests will finance the challenge.

Of course, for this bill to pass it would take state legislators a lot of courage to vote for this bill being the casino referendum failed miserably this past election.   So don't count on going to your local racetrack in New Jersey to wager on old races anytime soon.

Yonkers Raceway and NYRA have been conducting the New York New York Daily Double on Sunday afternoons and the pools have been shallow.  The blame lies on NYRA.  While Yonkers' half of the Double has had ten starters, NYRA's kick-off to the wager has consisted of short fields; the bane of serious handicappers.

The idea of a wager from the two tracks is a good idea, but it will never develop further unless NYRA gets more starters in their races.  Perhaps it may work out if the wager kicks off at Yonkers and concludes at the NYRA track with a race with more wagering opportunities.  It's worth exploring.

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