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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Reporting in from the Goshen Yearling Sale ...

by Peter Lawrence, VFTRG Contributor

... at the Mark Ford Training Center in, it's said, Middletown-ish, New York.
That's a pretty concise name for the Mark Ford place, of course, but it leaves room for a more creative name - I thought Joe O'Brien could've called his own California spread "Five Palms," because of, you guessed it, the five palms growing in his track's infield - but it didn't grab Joe's imagination.
Maybe the Mark Ford center could be "Showplace Farms"? That prestigious name is currently out of circulation and presumably up for grabs.
And this surely is handsome place, in a lovely, hilly location. I like what I see. It's worthy of the "Showplace" name.

I have a feeling that suggestion won't grab Mark's imagination, either.
I have no idea who the sales-topper here today is, so far. I don't really attend horse sales to watch horses sell anymore. It's more of a social affair, like Harrisburg, Pa.
Well, that's MY Harrisburg experience every year.
Good crowd here, though. Seems to be mostly New York horse people, with a sprinkling of New England, Canada and other places.
Mine are actually the only New Jersey license plates I've seen on the many parked cars. But there must be more.
Just ate a hot dog, and I have more schmoozing to do.
Later ...

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