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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Morrisville's Small Step - A Step Bigger Than Most

Morrisville College has announced they will be donating $100 from the sale of each yearling from their horse sale this weekend towards aftercare for New York bred horses.  With 90 head due to be sold, this will amount to a $9,000 donation for those NY standardbreds found in need of help.  With the support of their consignors, hopefully this amount will be significantly larger.

Now let's no kid ourselves, this is not going to solve the unwanted horse problem because the amount of money involved is merely a drop in the bucket considering how much money would be needed.  These are funds to be used likely by groups who find a standardbred(s) in crisis who need financial support to stabilize the horse.

Some detractors wonder why only New York Bred horses?  Again, the amount of money being donated is not large enough to address the full problem so the college has decided to work on the local problem, after all, if you can't help at home how can you expect to help out on a national level?

To those who question why Morrisville is even bothering I would ask you instead ask the question "What are the 'big three' sales companies doing with respect to making donations to standardbreds in need (realizing Russell Williams, one of the principles of the Standardbred Sales Company (Harrisburg) often buys horses who otherwise would be attractive to kill buyers)"?  Unless I missed something, they are noticeably silent when it comes to the area of making per yearling donations to any type of rescue fund.

So yes, the Morrisville contribution may be nothing more than a trickle, but when it is the only trickle in the bucket, it is something big.  They should be applauded for their efforts.  I challenge other sales companies to step up to the plate and match, if not exceed the per horse commitment a college is making.

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Anonymous said...

Small steps are still steps forward.