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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jugette Controversy

Tongues are wagging over the scratch of I Said Diamonds from the Jugette yesterday, the result of "unauthorized persons" being in the Jugette Barn.  I won't be mentioning who the individual(s) allegedly were but I imagine if you are resourceful you'll see who people are speculating about.

Of course, this is not the first time someone unauthorized was present in a barn at Delaware.  Unfortunately, this is one of the downsides of having the stable area so accessible to the public.  Perhaps these people feel they will mix in with the public; that no one will notice them.  Maybe it is just a brazen contempt for the racing rules.

Unless the racing press spikes the story, I imagine more details will be forthcoming.  As many of you, I look forward to learning all the facts and to see if there will be any consequences for anyone who violated the rules.  There is no sense not to discuss the story, after all we have learned not discussing these issues fails to solve these issues.  Only a frank discussion of what happened and its eventual disposition will lead us to clean up these types of cases.

Over at the Paulick Report, there is a story regarding the Stronach Group informing two trainers their entries will not be accepted at any of their racing facilities, apparently the result of a trainer serving as a 'paper' trainers, something in harness racing we call a 'beard'.  I find this type of reaction to paper trainers quite refreshing, especially with the exception of the Meadowlands, it seems transferring horses to a beard and racing them doesn't seem to cause anything more than a yawn.  Why do most tracks allow these beards amazes me?  Is it people don't look or don't care?  I welcome your opinions.


Anonymous said...

It's one thing for unauthorized people to be in a detention barn, but it's far more serious for a trainer on suspension to be in a stall holding a horse.

It's clear this person didn't pay attention to the rules and raises questions about whether he's abided by others while on suspension. I'd suggest a lifetime ban, but that might not keep him out of racing.

As for Ruiz, the listed trainer of the horse involved, state commissions where he races need to ask questions. Did he know the person in the stall was on the grounds? Do they have a business relationship? Is Ruiz really training the horses? Who's getting the purse money? Who's paying workers comp premiums? Answers are long overdue from a lot of listed trainers, but let's start with Ruiz.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the connections of L A Delight for the Jugette victory. L A Delight is reportedly one of three horses that trainers threatened to scratch if I Said Diamonds stayed in the race.

Did anyone else notice Brett Miller kicking Pure Country on the backstretch in the first heat? I don't think I ever saw a driver do that before the stretch.