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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Horsemen - Enter Heather's Harness Racing Next Gen Contest

I hope you take the time to enter Heather's Harness Racing Next Gen Contest!

What is Heather's Harness Racing Next Gen Contest??? Glad you asked!

Hockey team visiting the track.  Michael Lisa Photo

Yannick Gingras visiting a French class to talk about harness racing.

Simon Allard visiting daughter's pre-school class.
There are so many ways to expose the sport to our youth. Yannick Gingras is known for doing things like talking to high school French classes or taking his kid's hockey team to the races. Simon Allard recently visited his daughter's school to talk about the sport. I've done everything from having my son Wyatt's Boy Scouts group to the farm to speaking in local classrooms. 

A visit to the farmtrack by the Boy Scouts.

Now, it's your turn! Here are the details for the contest!

To Enter: Email me a picture to of how you educated a group of at least five kids (Ages 18 & under) about harness racing.

Please be aware that the picture you email to me will be posted on Facebook.

Give me the details of the picture...which school or track or farm? when? what group?

What if you've never presented to a group of kids before!?

Hey! That's OK because you've got two more weeks to visit a local school or Scouts group or 4-H, etc and present to them or invite them to your farm or track!

The contest ends at midnight on May 18!  (Note:  If you can't organize a program in the next two weeks, you can still hold a program.  It is important the racing community holds these types of outreaches all year long.)

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! If you need resources to hand out to the kids, the great peeps at Harness Horse Youth Foundation said that all you have to do is contact them with two weeks notice (with ages of kids and how many) and they can sent out a care package with cool handouts and resources and all you do is pay for shipping the box! Basically, that means you have to contact them them today! 

(I'm hoping that having cool stuff to hand out will also give incentive for some of you who have already presented to kids...will do it AGAIN!)

ONE entry (aka post picture on this page with details) per person and the winner will be drawn at random.

Prize: In addition to feeling like you're changing the world and getting a huge pat on the back from me, grin emoticon you could win a great harness racing fan goodie package of hats, shirts, etc including a FOILED AGAIN BREYER MODEL!

If you have questions, please email me at

Have fun!!!

Hugs, Heather 

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