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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The First Step to Gaming at the Meadowlands?

A bill to establish a referendum to approve casino gambling outside of Atlantic City was introduced by no less than Senate President Sweeney.  If the bill gets introduced in the Assembly and voted in both houses with a simple majority this year and next, the referendum will go to the voters in November of 2016.

As written, it would allow the establishment of two casinos in different counties provided they were 75 miles away from Atlantic City, meaning all three tracks in New Jersey could conceivably get casino gaming but don't kid yourself, Freehold has no chance.  Mind you the tracks COULD get casino gaming, there is nothing which says they will.

The fact Senator Sweeney introduced the bill, suggests he may have given up on becoming Governor as already the South Jersey electorate is not pleased with the referendum being introduced.  Of course submitting the bill is not a death sentence to a gubernatorial campaign, but makes it more difficult.

Surprise, surprise.  A New York judge has ordered Draft Kings and Fan Duel to stop doing business in New York as despite what these two companies want to tell you, participating in their contests are not contests of skill, but gambling.  Don't get me wrong, you need skill and unless you are very lucky, you need to do your home work, but when you are depending on players to perform their best, it still boils down to luck.

Personally, why I don't participate in these contests and don't have a problem with them, it is gambling.  For them to act outside of the law as a game of skill quite honestly is a crock of horse manure.  Others may feel they should be able to offer these contests outside of the law, but the law is the law.  If racing has to suffer from dysfunctional state laws, these two companies should enjoy the same treatment until someone gets a national gaming policy in place such as in Canada.

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