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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Decoupling a Step Closer in Florida

With a new compact with the Seminoles heading to the Florida Legislature for ratification, decoupling is a step closer for Florida racing, with quarter horse, standardbred, and thoroughbred (as well as greyhound) racing at risk of being decoupled.

While the compact does not call explicitly for decoupling, the following changes may be made by the legislature without violating the compact.

Of course, there is no guarantee the legislature will vote for decoupling, but being there have been gaming/racino interests and supporters in the legislature already calling for decoupling (especially when it comes to greyhound racing), it will definitely be considered once the compact is ratified.  If the decision is made to decouple the greyhounds it seems highly unlikely horse racing will be not included.

Horsemen in Florida as well as outside need to be concerned for once casino gaming is decoupled in one state, gaming companies in other states will be stampeding to their respective legislatures asking for similar relief.  

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