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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spreading the News

RUS Ontario has gone out to the people to spread the word of RUS, making appearances at the All Equine Show at the Western Fair Entertainment Complex and the Can-Am Equine Show held at Markham Fair Grounds, Markham, Ontario to a receptive group of attendees.  This is just one tool in their holster to gain more fans to the sport and RUS in particular.

Unfortunately, they have received more support from the industry than in the States so they are well ahead of their American counterparts when it comes to getting the news out.  Hopefully, with the rules being adopted by the USTA, more support will come and allow a more robust promotion of the sport at the tracks and other locales.

It turns out the standardbred industry is not the only industry suffering from a severe drop in foal crops.  HRU on Friday reported how the thoroughbred and quarter horse industries are suffering the same fate.  It is clear the common denominator is slots.  All three are awarding the bulk of their slot revenue to aged horses making those owners still in the game leaning towards ready made horses instead of yearlings who are a riskier investment and quite honestly, a cash drain for a year and a half before they have a chance of earning back their cost only to face relatively small purses.  Unless all three breeds reallocate the slot windfall (for while it last), they may accomplish what animal rights groups have been unable to do thus far; become extinct.

Illegal drugs are the scourge of racing and while authorities and cheaters play a game of catch-me-if-you-can, there are those approved drugs which are supposedly safe for horses when used as directed and don't provide an advantage over other horses as long as they are withdrawn as per industry mandated withdrawal times.  But what about supplements?  I have a problem with horsemen from all breeds endorsing supplements as well as industry magazines on both sides of the border selling advertising to these companies.  Some of these companies have a plethora of supplements for sale to solve every conceivable problem.  These supplements, like human supplements are not regulated to the degree medicines are and may result in an inadvertent positive.  One has to wonder if using all these supplements, seeking an advantage over their competitors, is any worse than medicating horses.  Ah, for the days of racing on hay and water. 

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