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Thursday, April 2, 2015

If You Don't Speak Up, You are Part of the Problem

I was over at some other board and there was an individual complaining about how the judges seem to ignore certain infractions regarding 'favorite' trainers while they seem to come down on the less known trainers at the blink of an eye.

The track involved for purposes of this discussion doesn't matter, nor will I comment on the validity of the individual's observation.  My only question to the individual making these claims is was did they complain to the state's racing commission?

In some states, the racing commission assigns judges, others submit a list of officials for approval by the commission, but regardless, each judge serves at the pleasure of the racing commission.  You may be asking "What's the sense of complaining"?  Well, for one thing you may be the straw which breaks the camel's back (being the letter) which forces the racing commission to get rid of the judge at the end of the meet.  If not, perhaps it will be the letter which makes the Executive Director decide it is time to review the judge's body of work to see if the rules are being followed correctly and if not, it may result in the judge being 're-educated' or terminated at the appropriate time.

Does complaining work?  Well first of all, as a customer, you have a stake in the judges decision so you are entitled to voice your complaint.  Secondly, you may be the letter which makes it impossible for the commission to ignore the complaints.  One thing for sure, is you need to be  respectful.  A polite letter questioning the call in a certain race will go a lot further than the accusatory letter which will more likely get you labeled a 'nut job';  Don't get a response after a reasonable amount of time, send them another letter or call; don't let them ignore you.

Regardless of how you handle this, make sure you send your issues with a judge if you have one  for if you don't speak up, you are part of the problem.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, you may have heard of English Amateur Steeplechase Rider Lewis Ferguson's amazing acrobatic routine when his horse, favorite Merrion Square stumbled approaching the final fence. unseating the 18 year old rider who went into the fence full force to begin his routine.  Fortunately, for Ferguson, the biggest injury he suffered was his wounded pride.

While there is no word as to how the punters treated him afterwords, rumor has it that the England gymnastics team is considering inviting him to tryout for the next Olympics.

All kidding aside, we are glad to hear Ferguson escaped injury.  To be perfect honest, I wonder what possesses someone to become an amateur steeplechase rider.  All the power to him.

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