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Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Morning Briefs

A brief observation over some recent rulings.

At one track, a trainer who was caught with syringes, needles, and injectables had their license restored after being summarily suspended and serving their penalty.    I have no idea what substance(s) the trainer had in their possession, but having casual knowledge of the trainer and knowing some of the people who associate with the person, I doubt they were performance enhancers.

That being said, rules are rules and the trainer took responsibility, being fined $1,000 and given a 60 day suspension.  Upon getting their license back, the track immediately made them unwelcome for the balance of this year's meet but will allow them to reapply for racing privileges for the next meet.

Good for the track in excluding the trainer.  Tracks need to send a message to rule breakers they need to answer to track management once they serve their state-mandated penalties.

A driver who caused physical injury to a horse due to whipping got fined $400; this at a track where purses tend to average around $3,000.  When you consider a win in a $3,000 race earns the driver $75, $400 is a hunk of change.  Personally, I think the fine should be higher since it caused injury to the horse, but at least it is relatively harsh when you consider the amounts drivers are fined at slot tracks.  A case in point:  A driver in Delaware got fined $200 for the 'Brutal Use of a Whip'.  

In another issue, Ohio horsemen are complaining about the new whipping rules, some claiming the commission is trying to take the whips out of their hands.  Well, if the public had their way, drivers wouldn't have whips.  I suggest horsemen try to get used to the rules once they become finalized instead of complaining about them.

Rumor has it there is some talk about harness racing finding a new outpost to race at.  Whether or not it comes to fruition remains to be seen.  Unfortunately, considering the number of live days this state currently has for live racing, I tend to doubt there will be an overly long meet should harness racing be introduced.  That said, if someone is offering to open a new market to harness racing,  it would be foolish not to take advantage of it.  After all, how many times does harness racing get an opportunity to introduce itself to a new market?  You have to take advantage of what comes your way.

Have a great Monday. 

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