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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Very Brief Briefs

I can't help but wonder why haven't we seen any in depth stories about the resumption of the rivalry between Commander Crowe and Sebastian K in next week's Yonkers International Prep race?  You would think the resumption of an European rivalry on American soil would be a story yet there has been little written about it.  This could be the most compelling story of the year, yet we have silence.

My selections for this tonight's stakes races at Maywood Park: 4th - The Abe Lincoln Stake - #5 Dupage's Z Tam (Leonard, 8-1); 6th - The Galt Stake - #5 EL Titan (Rekila, 5-2); 7th - The Cinderella Stake (1st Div) - #5 Sayitall BB (Tetrick, 6-5); 8th - The Cinderella Stake (2nd Div) - #1 Rocknroll Meg (Tetrick, 4-1); 9th - The Windy City Pace - #2 Somewhere In LA (Miller, 2-1).  These races may not have the 'A' list contenders but they are still good races and worth a look.

The New Jersey Legislature has past another bill to allow sports gaming, attempting to circumvent a court ruling.  While I doubt this run around will be successful, it is obvious these attempts to legalize sports gaming is no longer about supporting casinos and racetracks; it is about filling the state's coffers with tax revenue from this form of wagering.    You may ask what this has to do with racing?  Supporting racing may bring in tax revenue but it builds an agricultural industry and gets people employed.  Sports gaming doesn't really build an industry (yes, a few people will be employed to take the bets), but gets revenue for the state.  It is time the states worry about building industries and forget about picking the state's residents pockets.

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