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Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Campaign to Get Back 'Princess'

A friend of mine directed me to the following Go Fund Me Campaign.  Here is the story from the site.  

For those of you who don't know the whole story; there was a horse that I took care of for 3 years and she ended up being sold. She was gone for about a year until. he didn't race well for the new owners so they put her online for sale. I called immediately and the owners and I made a deal so I could train the horse and race her.

For a year and a half everything was going great. Until I had shoulder surgery 4 months ago, and the owners decided to take the horse 2 days after my surgery (me being in a significant amount of pain to fight/argue/etc.) without consent and meanwhile still owing me a hefty amount of money! There was no explanation why the horse was taken and I was not paid, but the words out of the owners mouth were, "I know how much the horse means to you, but I have to take her away from you."

So the owners tried to race her themselves and she didn't do well the 1st or 2nd time they tried. 7 weeks later they tried to qualify her to race again and she didn't go fast enough. So, what did they do? They sold her to the Amish, knowing how much the horse meant to me and that she would have a good home for life.

I immediately called the Amish and we sorted out a deal and I was to have a deposit and a truck and trailer exactly one week from that day to get her back.  Knowing how much the horse meant to me, they asked for very high price, but she's worth it to me. 

The night before I was suppose to pick her up, the Amish had called and told me the deal was off because they wanted all $3,500 up front. I don't have that kind of money sitting around because I have been out of work due to my shoulder surgery. I'm back working now though, trying to save money to bring her home. The Amish still have her and still want all the money up front. So I'm kindly asking everyone to make a donation, no matter what it may be ($1-$1,000) every dollar counts! 

If I happen to not be able to get her back within a reasonable time frame, I will DONATE ALL DONATIONS to a Horse/Standardbred Rescue Group. The quicker I can raise/earn the money, the quicker she will return to her loving home for life, and out of the hands of the "Amish" Meat Dealers. I appreciate everyone's help! 

If you are interested in helping, just click here to be directed to the link.

Yes, I know there are similar stories from other people and you can't save all of them, but one saved is one less going off to an uncertain fate.

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